• Perturbation Exercises

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    Full Exercise video featuring Ashley with the Tye-4


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    Follow these simple exercises using the Parasetter® MINIS™ to prep feet before exercise or use them after a long day of stress on your feet.

    For more information and to purchase a set of MINIS, visit PhysicalMindInstitute.com
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    Parasetter is a roller system that allows the vertebra to “float” in between the two curved surfaces, letting the small muscles of the vertebral segment relax and recover their resting length for better blood flow and oxygenation.

    Perfect to use as a warm-up before exercise to facilitate mobil...

  • HEADFLOATER® for Tech Neck

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    Headfloater® is used for people looking to correct TECH NECK! It improves posture by stretching the small stabilizing muscles that run along the spine. In just a few minutes, stand taller and feel relief in the back. Headfloater is lightweight and goes anywhere.

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    Pilates technique and form can be used as a foundation for all movement, so this is a fantastic workout to do no matter what your goals are! And BONUS... we tone a long, lean core and develop range of motion and flexibility along the way!

    TYE4 functions similarly to a Pilates Reformer.



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    This workout tones those perfect areas to rock your skinny jeans with confidence and style. We target inner and outer thighs, we hit the hammies (hamstrings) responsible for pushing up the bum, and absolutely we light fire to the glutes! Finally, we never forget about those sweet abs.

    This ...


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    I love the end of winter, the refreshing hints of spring, and the unearthing of our tees, tanks and summer dresses. We will make this season even sweeter as we develop beautiful long, lean, toned arms as the perfect accessory to the perfect outfit!

    This workout can be done with no equipment...